your online guide to gouda times

in a post-pandemic world




your online guide to gouda times

A four-week online course that unpacks planning an event in a post-pandemic world that won't leave you hyperventilating in a corner.

It's been a weird year, right?

Join Kendall over a four-week online course that will take you step by step through creating the perfect grazing boards, pairing wines, kitchen tricks, and witty banter so that you come out the other side feeling ready to host friends and family once life falls back into a normal rotation.

Host Happy includes video demonstrations for creating grazing board masterpieces, mixing cocktails, pairing wines, do's and do not's, and absolutely nailing a theme.

The all-online course includes sharp visuals and easy to download materials that include curated shopping lists (so you don't have to do any of that work, honey), recipes that your guests will be dying to get their mitts on, and insider tips + tricks that will make falling back into hosting a breeze. 

Expect each week's release to contain links to private videos, as wells your course PDF downloads. This is not a live course, as we've all been up to our ears in Zoom calls and I know you don't need more of that in your life right now.



Host Happy - Your Guide to Gouda Times
$40 | Four Week Online Course

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